Motorcycle Service & Repair

As a motorcycle mechanic, like the name suggests, bikes are my passion. Whether you are beginner or expert, dirt or street, junkyard dog or collector I can help get your ride running.

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Tire Service & Repair

Throughout my career, Saturdays became known as “tire day.” With that in mind, you can rest assure I know tires. Whether dirt, street, studding or balancing, you name it, I got you covered.

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ATV Service & Repair

Having worked in rural areas during my career, I have gained a vast knowledge of ATV’s and side by sides. Repairing engines and transmissions is my specialty, but you can count on me for all your ATV needs. .

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Lawn & Power Product Service & Repair

A dirty word in the industry is “power products.” Where others shy away, I welcome the opportunity. From a lawnmower to a generator, if they make it I have worked on it.

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Restorations are one of my favorite things to do. From bikes in a bucket, to full blown restorations, there is nothing quite like reviving some youth in a motor.

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Engine Repair & Rebuild

Having the right equipment and knowledge is key in engine rebuilds. You can rest assured, I have both covered.

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Computer Solutions
  • Professional Installs
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Security