Edmonton, Alberta
Spring/Battery Puller

   Have you ever had trouble removing a battery or perhaps while removing exhaust springs? Today I'm going to teach you how to build one of the handiest most used tools I own. Unfortunately the supplies for this probably aren't hanging around a typical shop or garage much anymore but I'm sure you could find a substitute.

First you will need access to a welder of any kind really

Some square or round tubing preferably, something comfortable and easy to hold

a few spokes from a rim, you can use different sizes and make a set if you want

A vice


Bench grinder or angle grinder

Drill and appropriate drill bits

Take your tubing and cut it into a hand size custom for you. I made mine an inch or two bigger, just my preference. Once you have your handle you need to find a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the spoke and slightly smaller than the square end of the spoke. Drill a hole clear through the tubing. Insert the spoke in the hole threads first, slide it in until the square part hits the hole then gently tap with a hammer until the flat end is flush with the handle. Now put a quick weld on to hold it in place. Grind it smooth after for comfort. Take the threaded end and put it in a vice. Slowly bend the spoke into a nice hook shape, this is another area you could customize to make a set. Feel free to use the hammer to make the bending easier. Once bent take it over to the grinder and taper it a bit to remove the treads and make it slide into its desired location easier. There you have it, a tool to help you get batteries out of them silly battery boxes on a lot of motorcycles, stubborn exhaust springs or any other use you can find for it. How many uses can you find for this tool?