Edmonton, Alberta
Gas Tank Storage

    Here is a simple, safe and easy solution for preventing damage to your fuel tank over winter. Remove it, Drain it and bring it inside. I know what you're thinking, how's that easy? Bring it inside? Won't it be in the way or get damaged? Is this really safe? All fair questions. Let's go through them. Although you read the words “remove the tank” and instantly think of a mess on your clothes, hands and floor. Then there is that, you know, “hard work” thing. It turns out that most motorcycle fuel tanks are surprisingly easy to remove. Many of them in 4 bolts or less, one wire and a hose or two. The best part is your petcock is most likely part of your tank so simply turning it off assures little mess and makes the next steps of draining the tank a cinch. To drain, set the tank on your workbench simply run a hose to your fuel can and open the petcock. Once you have got this done use your air line with a regulated air blowing tip and in a well ventilated area or outside would be best, dry the remaining bits of fuel from inside the tank. In the interest of safety I recommend letting it vent as long as possible, consider leaving it for the afternoon. See now, what did I say easy right! Now with this done you can pack it in a box with some bubble wrap and store it inside. This is the critical part. It needs to be stored somewhere that doesn't experience large temperature swings. This will help prevent things like condensation and corrosion in the tank. A spare room or basement off the floor would be ideal. With no fuel in the tank you can even store it in your bedroom and rest assured your tank is safe and sound. Now you see with little effort you can eliminate the burden of rust and fuel spoilage on your tank over those long winter months.