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Computer Repair

Computer acting up? Do you need new software or hardware installation? No matter how big or small your computer needs, you can count on me to make it good as new.

Laptop Repair

Laptop not running like it used to? Making noises or need minor/major repair? I can help fix that.

Tablet Repair

Tablet glitching, not working or slow? Find out how I can bring it back to working condition.

Automation & Programming

Find yourself with repetitive tasks or something taking large chunks of your time? Find out how I can help with a simple program or batch file to make your life easier.


Need help securing your system? Perhaps setting up a virus program or firewall? Let me meet your security needs.

Virus & Bloatware Removal

Have you been hit by a virus or malware? Just bought a new computer or looking to refresh your current system? A computer scan and cleaning might be exactly what you need.