Automatic Center Punch


    Have you ever had trouble trying to remove a float holding pin? Try this trick next time and it should come right out. Look at the pin holding in the float, see if one of the sides is pinched or knurled. If not look for the shortest side that sticks out because most pins only go one direction, think of it this way, if you were putting the pin in you would want it tight, correct? So my guess is the bigger side is wedged in a bit so it would stick out the other side a bit more. Make sure you have a good trip on the carb, if you are worried you can put something between where the pin is and brace it, then with automatic center punch go to the non-knurled or longer side if you have no indication which side comes out, and depress the punch. Voila just like that the pin should be out. Like I said earlier if you can brace it somehow, do it but unless it’s a really sticky old carburetor you shouldn’t have to worry about it.