Air Hose Trick


    Cross threading, an evil word known by all who have dawned a wrench. With this trick you will be able to avoid one of the worst places to experience a cross thread… spark plugs. Nobody wants to pull off the head of their machine and repair the spark plugs hole threads. That would be a huge time and money investment that most of us can’t afford. Not to mention if the threads are too damaged you may not even be able to repair it. Now I know MAC tools sold a spark plug installation tool at one point and as with most MAC tools it was awesome, however as of right now I have yet to find anyone selling such a tool. Luckily if you have some old air hose laying around you can use it as a spark plug installation tool. Simply cut off about 1.5 –  2 feet of hose, stick the spark plug in the end and install. If the threads are stuck the hose will simply slide around the spark plug. This also helps so you don’t drop the plug during installation preserving damage to the plug gap. This simple trick will ensure a proper meshing of threads, save your spark plug gap, time and money.